Why isn’t my website making any money?

Ahh, the question on many site owners minds: Why doesn’t my site make any money?

It probably sucks in one of several ways: Not enough traffic, the wrong kind of ads, bad placement, no focus, no email list, high bounce-rate, the list goes on and on.

I might have some ideas that can help: I’ve been working online since 2005, making a full-time living from Affiliate Marketing, membership sites, forums and consulting. I’m going to do one free site critique every week, offering a five to ten minute critique of your website, blog, storefront, whatever – and hopefully you’ll find some ideas that can turn your site around.

If you’d like a free site critique – leave a comment with your site url, and the kind of problem(s) you’re having – I’ll work through them one by one.


Terms: The review will be public, posted onYouTube, and you’ll get a backlink from us to your site. I’ll be as honest as possible, and will address areas of concern you may have such as low traffic, poor SEO performance, design concerns etc.

So – who wants to get their site reviewed?


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  2. Site not making money or getting traffic.

  3. Hi
    Would really appreciate critique if your still doing them. This site is relatively new, traffic according to statpress plugin is around 1200visitors, 3000pageviews per month, yet adsense income is less than$15 in 6 months, affiliate sales zero!
    I have a suspicion that the problem is the subject, but I’m not sure whether to dump the site, and a second opinion would be much appreciated.

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