Site Critique: – Why does this wedding ideas blog earn so little?


I recently attended a local Affiliate Summit meetup event at the Market  Crashers Hackernest in Toronto. During the course of the evening I met quite a few nice people, and was able to critique a few websites (something that I love doing).

After a bit of thought, I went back and did it again, this recording a screencast that you can see below:

You can certainly learn some lessons from this, including why you need to test different offers on your pages, why you need to be capturing email addresses  and why engaging with your readers when they comment on your blog posts is so critical.

After sharing with the owners, I got this feedback:

I recently had Eric Schwarzer review my website. His analysis and evaluation of my site was meticulously honest and candid and he provided me with all of the information that was needed to turn this site from a Hobby Site into a Profitable business endeavor.His comments in regard to text coloring and readability were not something that was considered during the building and creation of the site. I felt that font colors made for a more attractive site and did not realize the strain that they put on the readers eyes. Eric’s observations of internal link structure brought to my attention something I had not previously been aware of. I have since looked into my Google Webmaster Tools page and realized that Google only recognizes one internal link per page, which is something that could severely negatively affect my ranking.Eric’s advice for increasing affiliate links will greatly increase the profits gained by each visitors visit to my site.

I sincerely recommend his services to anyone looking to increase the profitability of their website.

I enjoyed doing this critique, and I’m very pleased to say the Jules Wedding Ideas is looking better and better.
If you’d like me to review your site, check the Request a Critique page and leave a comment to have me review your site.

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