Site Critique: (Lead Capture Page)


Who else wants lower mortgage payments – in today’s environment if you’ve got equity and a good credit score you can make out like a bandit.. so refis are hot! Eric at Delta Leads asked me to review his latest landing page.. trouble is that after giving some helpful advice during the construction of this lead generation page, I found myself wondering what more I could point out – Record Loan Rates might be aiming for some specific keywords with the domain, but without more content it’s not likely to rank. Using Google Maps to provide some graphical support to a mortgage lead generation page wasn’t my idea, I lifted that from someone else. Still – overall I’m pleased with what’s been done, and hope that the minor tweaks I’ve suggested will give a lift to conversions once the page is done and ready to rock.

Here’s the critique:

Thanks again to Eric for letting me shine a light on one of his latest project.

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